Contract Manufacturing

Casting, sheet metal, machining, metal fab, plastic injection, assembly, sewing.

Whatever capability you are looking for, we can find it.

If you are looking for one specific process, or a full integration (with the final product delivered at the step of your door), we can point you in the right direction.

Our team will make sure to understand your sourcing goals and your targets and go through a deep analysis in order to filter the potential candidates to quote your project.

Resourcing from China to Mexico

There is a lot of demand to relocate the sourcing comming out of China, this is driven mainly by the high tariffs of bringing products to the U.S. Most of the manufacturing companies in Mexico have the expertise of working with foreign companies and exporting to the U.S.

Thinking of Mexico?
We can help
Whether you are looking to establish any sort of presence or just trying to find the correct business partners, we can help.
We’ll lay out all the available options and we’ll recommend the best for you.