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Are you looking to:

1. Source in Mexico?
2. Find a contract manufacturer?
3. Set up a line or establish an operation in Mexico?

If you answer yes to any of the above, we can help you.

Landing Strategy is a specialized consulting firm, devoted to find the best manufacturing solution for your needs. Our principals have more than 20 years of experience, promoting business between Mexico and the USA, working either for the private and the public sector. Throughout our career, we’ve met many respected contract manufacturers in Mexico and we continue to grow our data base.

We work with companies from the US that are looking to decrease their production costs, by sending production or doing re-sourcing in Mexico. As Mexico has a wide industrial base, it offers a diversity of capabilities and chances are your products can be made and shipped to the US at a lower price. Companies that are looking for a simple fabrication or a complex assembly, have trusted us with their needs as their front guy South of the border.

We typically go through an “understanding your goals” phase, and quote your project based on a fix rate per hour. We will be in charge of being your front guy in Mexico, whether that is identifying cm’s, going through the rfq / quoting process, coordinating a visit; etc., (just as far as your project demands).

We’ll lay out all of the available options in the market for you, so you can take the best decision for your business.

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Choose the right partner

Looking to re-source your supply chain from China or the US? Mexico might be the right choice. As companies understand that China has steadily increased its prices, plus cultural barriers together with longer lead times, sometimes the best bet is to look south.

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Many companies save 20-30% on labor alone when they move operations to Mexico. They also save money on overhead costs like real estate and utilities, and thanks to Mexico’s IMMEX / Maquiladora program, see significant tax savings.

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Mexico offers a vast diversity of open capabilities.
Whether you are looking for one specific process or a full integration we can connect you with the right CM’s. Fabrication, assembly, all the way to your step door.

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Mexico represents a big market for companies that want to supply the industial base. From automotive to aerospace, metal-mechanic and medical devices, the supply chain is long and always looking for better prices

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Already decided Mexico as your destination, but not sure where specifically to establish? There are a ton of key factor you want to consider before taking that leap of faith.

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Nadeem Mubal

COO, Modern Gourmet Foods
“We were looking into sourcing in Northern Mexico, in order to lower our production costs. We did a couple of exercises with Landing Strategy, who were key in terms of finding the perfect fit for our requirements.“


VP Operations, Apex Implants
“We created a company from scratch, so all support was welcomed. We needed to understand all aspects of creating a corporation, how to export, hiring and firing and whatnot. Carlos’ team explained and covered all aspects, they took us by the hand during all of the set up stage. They even showed us our current building. We would totally recommend.”

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Thinking of Mexico?
We can help
Whether you are looking to establish any sort of presence or just trying to find the correct business partners, we can help.
We’ll lay out all the available options and we’ll recommend the best for you.
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